Deadeye Games Propositions for joining the Team

Deadeye Games offers three types of compensation.

1. You become a core team member. As a core team member you get share certificates. These are real shares in Deadeye Games B.V., but with the financial rights (dividends, share-value) and not the voting rights and liability. The amount of shares depends on your job and responsibility. Additionally you get a letter of intent. In this letter we agree to offer you a paid job on the team in a specific role once funding and project planning allows it. In exchange you commit to working for the project (on a best effort basis) before that time comes and you promise to give up current employment to join the team once the job is offered. If you fail to do these things you forfeit your share certificates.

It’s a longer term and serious commitment. We have experienced that not all team members have managed to meet this commitment of spending a significant amount of spare time on the project. We’re easy going when people have moments they have no time, but if they are structurally absent and do not really contribute we will eventually end the deal. On the other hand, if you are someone that spends their free time on fun projects anyway it can be very rewarding and motivating and not hard to be of value for the team.

2. We agree on an hourly wage and you write down (and we approve) each hour you work on the project. We draft an agreement that you are entitled to payment of your accumulated hours ONCE and IF the project reaches a specific funding goal.

This is a straightforward deal. You run the risk of never seeing any money for your work if the project never reaches the goal. But in that case none of us will, as we have all invested money and time.

3. We offer the same deal as under 2. The difference is that we pay you immediately, in share certificates. The share certificates have an established value (the sales price as games shares).

With share certificates you also run the risk of never seeing any money for your work. But the flip side is that shares can increase in value a lot. However, the pay-out will probably be later, as shares will only start paying dividends after the launch of the game.

The process of joining the team:

To join the team with either of these options you will first have to sign an NDA. For the NDA you need to identify yourself by sharing a copy of your passport (we will do the same towards you).

We would also like to get two different pictures of you and a short bio to include you on the team page.

After signing the NDA we will give you access to team resources so you can share information and meet the other team members. We’ll also adjust your forum profile so you can see all the information our investors see.

The last step is that we introduce you to the team. We’ll encourage you to also join the company on LinkedIn, mention us in your LinkedIn profile as a job, so you can claim to be building up some experience in the gaming industry. We will also credit your work wherever possible. The stronger you look, the stronger the whole team becomes. Your success is all of our success.

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