Deadeye Games is a game studio based in the Hague, the Netherlands. We are committed to a single MMORPG project. To make this ambitious project a success we need talented experts. At this stage we are in a pre-funding phase, this means that all of us work on this project with the intention to create a dream. We want to create a game that we passionately want to play and hope to turn into a future for ourselves. If you seek work for money this is not the time to join us. If you want to join a great team for a share of the project and your future dream job, this is your chance.

Art Director

Developer, Zij-Instromer Game Industrie (Dutch)

Game Client Lead Developer

Game Backend Lead Developer

Infrastructure Lead Developer

Game Designer

2D/3D/Concept Artist

Remote Artist

Regional Video Game Marketeer/Representative

Community Manager (volunteer)

Google Translate