Deadeye Games is a game studio based in the Hague, the Netherlands. We are committed to a single MMORPG project. To make this ambitious project a success we need talented experts. At this stage we are in a pre-funding phase, this means that all of us work on this project with the intention to create a dream. We want to create a game that we passionately want to play and hope to turn into a future for ourselves. If you want to join a great team for a share of the project and your future dream job, this is your chance.

We currently only offer shares, but we are always looking out for talented game developers. Paid jobs will only become available after we secured funding. If you want us to contact you about a position once we secured funding, please send your resume to

Art Director

Developer, Zij-Instromer Game Industrie (Dutch)

Game Client (Lead) Developer

Game Backend (Lead) Developer

Infrastructure (Lead) Developer

Game Designer

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