2D/3D/Concept Game Artist (Local)

Are you a talented all-round video-game artist that would love to contribute to the art development of a unique historic sandbox MMORPG design? Do you reside in the Netherlands? Then perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

We are an early phase project, currently in the stage of acquiring financing. We are looking for art talent in this large project. In exchange for shares you will have the role of artist, working with other artists that are already participating in the project.
With a small team of experts we aim to bring this game to crowd funding and achieve additional funding from other sources. We all work on this on a time-for-share basis.
If we are successful in securing funding you will be employed as an artist, responsible for the game art for years to come. You will work in the Netherlands, (likely) the Hague area, so you will have to live close enough (at that time). As our artist you are all-round, you can create 2D, 3D and concept art. Expertise in animation is also very welcome.
You will work on the overall art design style of the game, including the commercial art, website art, etc. To give an idea of the style of art design required: The game features in a historical setting representing the 18th century, including worldwide cultures. The focus is around the sea, ships, ports and capitals, populated by people. The design is 3D and is intended to have a realistic and historically accurate style.
In the funding stage we all work on marketing the game. Your job at this stage will be to help create concept art, art for the website, commercial art, demo art, etc. You will also have a voice in the building of the future art team.
A few qualities we look for:
  • You have experience in game art design, specifically 3D, but also 2D, commercial art, etc., making you an all-round digital artist.
  • Additional expertise in animation is also very welcome, and there might be specialized work for an animator on this project.
  • You have an artistic talent, you are the kind of artist that can create and share design in a creative and inspiring way, making us see your vision.
  • You have affinity with historic and cultural art, you have a creative vision on how to make the art realistic.
  • You have a broad view, you look outside the bounds of your area and think along with other disciplines of the project.
  • You are good at communicating with game designers, developers, animators, programmers and other collaborators, and understand what they need.
  • You have a good instinct for marketing and how your art connects to it.
  • You have great eye for detail and set the bar high for quality, you take pride in your work and know how to meet deadlines and make hard choices.
  • You are pleasant and inspiring to work with, you have a cooperative style in dealing with other artists and focus on supporting them.
  • You deal with criticism in a relaxed and flexible way and are curious about other people’s opinions of your work.
  • You are an optimist and working with a positive and passionate team really matters to you.
  • You have excellent English language skills.
  • You can show us a demonstration of your work.
This project might not make it past crowd funding, costing you time without monetary reward. That is a risk you need to be aware of. This game might also be the gap in the market we think it is. In that case this is a multi-million dollar project with considerable future revenues, making your shares very valuable. Part of the deal is that in case of successful funding we expect you to come on board and commit yourself to the project and the game for years to come.
Obviously you need to be as enthusiastic about the project as we are. If we think you have the right experience we will set up a call and a meeting and share the game concept and the contract proposal with you.
If you are interested, please contact Peter Schreuder Jonkman through jobs@deadeye-games.com. We look forward to your reply.

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