Community Manager (volunteer)

Are you a huge fan of the design of Rulers of the Sea and what it stands for? Are you a talented communicator? Do you have experience with community management? Would you love to be involved with the project as a hobby and belong to the team? Than perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

You are already a contributing member of the forum on Because that is where it starts. You have read and watched everything there is online about Rulers of the Sea, both on the website, on Facebook, on YouTube, where-ever you could find it. You know all of it, you loved all of it and you can be counted among the most loyal fans of this game project and design. You want to be part of it.
We already know you. You have engaged with the community already, asked all the questions you had, given all your input. You’re already one of our community family members we appreciate so much. Don’t reply if this isn’t the case yet. Because being a Community Manager is a big deal for us, you already need to be fully committed.
In addition of being a big fan of the project you are a good communicator, you love helping people and you have tons or respect for people. You know how community management works, you have done it before or you have been part of online communities for a long time. You know how moderation is done right and you totally get how inclusive and respectful the Rulers of the Sea community is. We go the extra mile for our fans.
Your drive is to help with making the project of Rulers of the Sea become a reality. You want to see this game happen and you want to be a part of its team. You are keen to do this as a hobby, there will be no compensation as you will be a volunteer. You are the first among its fans. You are willing to spend a number of hours a week helping out, fueling the enthusiasm, helping new fans understand the game and its progress. You will help feed the development team with community feedback, keep them connected to its fans, represent the fans towards the Deadeye Games team. As Rulers of the Sea will be a community project, your role will be very important to the project.
There will be no compensation in money for the community managers but there will be advantages. You will be part of the team, so you will be closely involved with the development. If testers for the development are needed you will be among the first to be approached. If any paid positions become available on the team you will be the first that will see them and have the opportunity to reply. You will need specific qualifications for those, but being a Community Manager does give you the inside track. We might also give the Community Managers special in-game rewards when the time comes, but that will remain a surprise.
But don’t opt for this position for the possible rewards or advantages. First and foremost you must see this as a hobby you have a passion for. The reward must be being part of the team, sharing in our passion and being part of a very exciting project and putting your name on it!
When you reply you’ll get to know a few members of the team before we decide. We love your enthusiasm but you also need to fit the profile. Also take into account that at one point we might not need more Community Managers in a specific country. But even if you don’t get the job we’ll still think you’re an absolute legend for replying!
If you are accepted as a Community Manager, be aware that you will need to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and identify yourself by means of sharing an ID copy and a CV. You will also be credited as a team member, so your name and picture will be online on this website.
If you are interested, please contact Peter Schreuder Jonkman through We look forward to your reply.

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