Game Designer

Are you a talented video-game designer that would love to have responsibility for shaping a unique MMORPG design? Than perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

We are an early phase project, currently in the stage of acquiring financing. We are looking for a partner in this large project. In exchange for shares you will be responsible for leading the design of the game of the game together with the creative director. With a small team of experts we aim to bring this game to community funding and achieve additional funding from other sources. We all work on this on a time-for-share basis.
If we are successful in securing funding you will be employed as our game designer to create a game design on a functional level. Our game has clear design principles, a high-level GDD of 300+ pages, an extensive amount of design data and a high-level TDD. The complexity of the design requires a great amount of work to turn the GDD into detailed functional design. Within the design there are many complexities that need to be worked out and decided in detail. This ranges from an economic model, career models, battle mechanics, workflow, UI, world design, asset planning etc. You will be the central figure in the project. Together with the creative director you will design each chapter of the GDD into detailed design, after which the project leader will plan sessions to align your work with the technical and art teams. Your input will shape much of the game. You need to be physically present and will be required to work in the Netherlands (the Hague proximity).
Your time investment for the early phase is limited. You can make a start on further detailing the GDD, tackling some design puzzles and verify some of the budget and planning. We will add your name and experience to the project as the game designer, giving the project your seal of approval. For these contributions you don’t need to be in the Netherlands. Only when we can match our offer with a full-time employment will you be required to make the move.
As our designer you will work very closely with the management team and you will be a torch bearer for creating a quality game and providing everyone with a vision. Much of this vision is already present in this project, it will be important that this game design is something you feel a real passion for. You need to be passionate about MMORPG games, historical games, strategic games, sandbox games and social games.
A few qualities we look for:
  • You have experience in complex game design.
  • You are excellent at writing functional design documents that everyone can understand.
  • You are a creative thinker that can separate purpose from function, you easily see several solutions to a problem.
  • You are good at simplifying complex systems without impairing the results, you are a pragmatist.
  • You love sparring with people, you are the type of person that believes that many minds are better than one and discussion always improves content.
  • You are an excellent communicator, presenter and debater, you have no trouble in taking people of different expertise (technical and creative) along with your vision.
  • You have a keen understanding of game technology, tooling and art, and you have a good grasp of how your decisions can impact them.
  • You are close to the game community, you follow trends and regularly wonder what our fans like in the design. You take an active role in communicating with fans and feeding marketing when you feel some design features should be highlighted.
  • You understand that budget and monetization models are essential aspects of game design, you have a good grasp on how to balance these with creating a product for the fans.
  • You like to make the workplace fun, having pleasure and passion in your job is your main driver. You connect people.
  • You have excellent English language skills.
This project might not make it past crowd funding, costing you time without monetary reward. That is a risk you need to be aware of. This game might also be the gap in the market we think it is. In that case this is a multi-million euro project with considerable future revenues, making your shares very valuable. Part of the deal is that in case of successful funding we expect you to come on board and commit yourself to the project and management of the game for years to come.
Obviously you need to be as enthusiastic about the project as we are. If we think you have the right experience we will share the game concept and the contract proposal with you. For this position you need to have residency in the Netherlands as you will be central to the core team.
Before you apply, make sure you know the ins and outs of the Rulers of the Sea project, you need to feel a passion for the project you aim to spend years of your life on. All information is online. If you are interested, please contact Peter Schreuder Jonkman through We look forward to your reply.
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