Regional Video Game Marketeer/Representative

Are you a talented game marketeer that would love to have responsibility for marketing a unique MMORPG design in a regional market? Than perhaps this is the opportunity for you.

We are an early phase project, currently in the stage of acquiring financing. We are looking for marketing partners in this large project. In exchange for a future share in the regional revenues you will be responsible for leading the (digital) marketing of the game, together with our marketing director. With a small team of experts we aim to bring this game to community funding and achieve additional funding from other sources. We all work on this on a time-for-share basis.

If we are successful in securing funding you will be employed as our regional marketing representative. The basis of your compensation differs per region (size), so you will get a customized proposal. In the pre-funding phase we ask you to commit time to this project without compensation, that is the basis on which all of us work. So make sure you are not doing this just for the money, this is a project you need to feel passionate about.

The design of our MMORPG is historical (1750) and features 150 different nations gamers can (role)play in. The game encourages gamers to play in their own historical region and re-write history. As a design we hope to be a ‘border-crossing’ game that appeals to all cultures, as we accommodate all their unique historical roots. In our marketing we want to customize our approach so that we make it easier to appeal to different cultures. This applies to both the presentation of the game and our game community building. We expect you to be our regional foothold, represent us in the regional community (both in person as in the online community) and help us shape appropriate content to appeal to the people in the region, regarding both translations and imagery.

In this early phase we are particularly interested in local representation in the regions of Japan, Korea and the USA/Canada. If you have a good foothold in other major regions, we’re always happy to hear from you.

A few qualities we look for:

  • You are a gamer and like to play MMORPG’s.
  • You have an interest in history.
  • You speak the regional language fluently.
  • You are intimately familiar with the regional culture.
  • You understand local gamers and the local game community.
  • You are familiar with local video game influencers.
  • You know the regional video game market.
  • You are representative, both in word and appearance. You are not camera shy and have a good control of your presentation.
  • You always communicate respectfully and you know how to prevent causing disagreeable communication in the game community and how to politely and respectfully deal with criticism.
  • You are accepting and respectful of people of all walks of life, even if they might not share your personal values.
  • You are capable of moderating a local game community forum.
  • You have good sense of design and language.
  • You are entrepreneurial.
  • You have a marketing degree and/or marketing experience.
  • You have good mastery of English.

This project might not make it past community building and funding, costing you time without monetary reward. That is a risk you need to be aware of. This game might also fill the gap in the market we think it will. In that case this is a multi-million euro project with considerable future revenues, making your efforts very worthwhile.

The proposed deal for this particular position is entrepreneurial. We will offer you a profit sharing for your region, as well as regional rights to revenues from merchandise and local community media. This means that you have to be willing, as a passion, to spend considerable time on this project next to other ways of making a living before this will become a substantial income for you. We will cover expenses and you will be a closely involved team member and contributor on the project.

Obviously you need to be as enthusiastic about the project as we are. If we think you have the right experience we will share the game concept and the contract proposal with you. You will also get to speak to some of the partners, including the Marketing Director.

If you are interested, please contact Peter Schreuder Jonkman through We look forward to your reply.

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