Experienced Remote 2D/3D/Concept Artist

Are you interested in becoming an 2D/3D/concept artist on our project, but are you unwilling or unable to work in the Netherlands? We accept remote work at certain conditions.

Do also check out our regular profile for game artist if you are from the Netherlands.

2D/3D/Concept Artist

If you want to work for our project as a remote artist, we aim to build a relationship that might provide you with a steady stream of work for years to come. There is, however, a risk in joining the project at this early stage.

A. We will buy a project/product by beforehand making a contract in which we agree to the price and product and we commit to payment the moment our project is funded to a specific degree. This means that if we don’t succeed in adequate funding (and our project will essentially fail), you will receive no payment. This is your risk.

B. We will agree to accepting a product on delivery, not before. However, we can only reject a project for quality reasons, not on the basis of ‘not needing it anymore’ or anything like that. If we don’t accept a product, we have no rights to it.

C. If we accept a product you will grant us the permission to use the work up to the point where we pay you in full as agreed in the contract. If our funding fails we lose the right to use your work. If we pay you in full, you agree to give the full rights of the work to Deadeye Games (F).

D. As long as we use your work before having paid you in full, we will credit you every time. We will add your profile to the Deadeye Games website ‘team’ section. We will mention your name every time we display your work.

E. As long as we have not paid you in full, you are free to sell your work to third parties, display it anywhere you wish, share it with your networks, etc.

F. Only once we’ve paid you in full we will own the full rights to the work and points C, D and E are no longer applicable. Of course that does not mean we will not still want to credit you and have you on the team. Your success is our success.

To become a remote artist for our project Rulers of the Sea:

A. You need to be an advanced to senior game artist. Working with junior artists or artists from different fields is too time consuming for us on a remote basis. If you want to get a quality indication, look at https://www.rulersofthesea.com/discussions/artblog/

B. You will have to show us a portfolio. On the basis of the quality of your portfolio we decide whether you are a good match with our project.

C. We might ask you to make a simple test project to demonstrate you can deliver the type of work we need.

Keep in mind that we require very realistic historical art in an 18th century style (but for many cultural styles). Realism is essential to our game design so we look at the smallest details. You need to love that type of work. We can help you with that and provide samples for your subject, but every detail needs to be accurate. If you are more invested in free-style fantasy or cartoon art, you will probably not be able to complete your work to the requirements we set.

If you are interested, please contact Peter Schreuder Jonkman through jobs@deadeye-games.com. We look forward to your reply.
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