Deadeye Games is a pre-funding start-up company. All members of the Deadeye Games Team, including the founders, work for either future rewards (conditional on success), shares, a potential of a future dream job or just for the passion of wanting our game project (Rulers of the Sea) to succeed.

This means we currently have no money to spend on wages and fees, all income goes to advertisement and operational costs.

We are approached by companies every day that want to work with us and are unaware of our pre-funding phase. We appreciate that we might seem an interesting partner but there is no money to be earned off Deadeye Games at this phase.

If you, as a company, are interested in partnering up for a share in the business or for a future (and as yet uncertain) compensation and take the risk with us, that is a different matter. In that case we encourage you to read all about us and Rulers of the Sea (there is a lot of information online) and pitch to us what you think you can contribute to our project.

For HR services you can approach Karen Bijloo (HR), for technical services you can approach Herwin Wielink (CTO), for financial services you can approach Jeroen van Eikenhorst (CFO), for creative or commercial services you can approach Peter Schreuder Jonkman (CEO/CCO).