Our Mission

We started Deadeye Games because we feel that the big studios and publishers choose to avoid risks by creating clones of existing games with a focus on maximum monetization. We are gamers that want to play games that no studio will make. Because they are a risk. Because they are for a niche. Because you can make more money with another type of game. We don’t care about that. We don’t need to be rich. We care about creating something new, something different, inspiring and sustainable. We want to break away from the established game market and occupy large niche spaces, because we can.

By Gamers, for Gamers. That is what we are, and we take that very seriously. We want to involve gamers in our projects, both as supporters, investors and contributors.

But make no mistake, we all come from serious business backgrounds and we have a ton of experience. While we will stay true to our mission, we know how to run a professional business to success.

Our Values

  • Gamer interests come first.
    • we will choose fair, decent and transparent monetization models
    • we will base the choice of distribution platforms and methods firstly on the value they add for gamers
    • we recognize that gamers have a right to their purchased products or services, we will ensure gamers can continue to enjoy our creations after they cease to be economically viable
    • if we ever ally ourselves to another organization, such organization needs to share our values
  • Transparency for the community, gamers and fans
    • we will share our financial and logistical data with the community, or explain why we can’t
    • we will share our plans and ideas with the community
    • we will own up to any mistakes we make, no politics
    • we will always give our fans and gamers straight answers
  • Respect and care
    • we believe in kindness and good intentions
    • we will treat people of all races, genders, religions and any other meaningful distinctions with respect and acceptance
    • we will remain neutral in regard to any political, philosophical or religious affiliation
    • we will subscribe to the legal definitions of freedom of expression but we do not believe in the right to be intentionally harmful to others
    • we will have care for possible negative effects of our creations, including addiction, irresponsible spending or age sensitive content
  • Commit to quality
    • we will place quality above pressure to deliver
    • we will choose delay over the release of an insufficient product
    • we do not support a monetized alpha release, if you play an unfinished product, you don’t pay
  • Learn & Grow
    • we will choose passion, dedication and willingness to learn above experience
    • we will work with talented people that are new to the industry
    • we will allow staff time to develop and learn because we believe that high quality work saves more money than unpaid crunch hours